Artículos de: 10 Mayo 2005

Strategies for the Latin American Left. Problems of Autonomism



Since the mid-1990s, autonomist politics has gained influence in Latin America. Its theorists are attentively listened to and their practical proposals awaken great interest. But this scenario has begun to change with the appearance of new nationalist and center-left governments. The rise of Lula, Kirchner, and Tabaré, the increased strength of Chávez, the resurgence of Fidel, and the shift of López Obrador changes the playing field that favored the expansion of libertarian theories.

Los problemas del autonomismo


américa latina

El ascenso de nuevos gobiernos de centroizquierda en Sudamérica confirma las dificultades de los movimientos sociales para proyectarse al plano político. El autonomismo desconoce estas limitaciones porque idealiza la resistencia popular espontánea (PDF)